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About Us

Franstudio Ltd. - stretch ceilings manufacture


The range of colours of Franstudio stretch ceilings contains more than a hundred textures and colours. The whole collection is kept up in the storehouses in the volumes necessary for the continuous production of the manufacture. The original designs of tracks and harpoons are completely compatible with all the analogues known nowadays around the world.

Franstudio Ltd. works in following directions:

  • Stretch ceiling production.
  • Selective design, sale and installation of stretch ceilings to private clients.
  • Work with private and incorporated persons on the basis of dealer agreements.
  • Sale of the various lighting garnitures.
  • Cooperation with designers, architects, construction organizations, companies offering various variants of dressing of premises and accessories.
  • Training.

We co-operate with the firms working in a direction of Stretch ceilings development in many countries, such as: Estonia, Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Hungary, Czechia, Luxembourg and in the near future this list will be definitely expanded.

Fran Studio Ltd. Estonia 41536 Jõhvi Narva mnt 8, Jewe kaubanduskeskus, Tel/Fax: +372 33 46888, +372 33 44006, info@franstudio.com

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