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A Modern Ceiling, a Printed Ceiling – Personalise Your Decors

For printing ART ceilings we use only certificated and ecologically clean colours which are provided from our partner Geotime PLC.

We are the only company in Baltic providing in stock printers for drawing of images on the materials used in manufacturing of stretch ceilings.

As for stretch ceilings, the printing is put on matte, sateen and translucent textures. It is recommended to put the images on the white membrane.

We’ll be glad to give you the preprinted samples for the coordination of the image colors. You can wash the image; it does not suffer from sunlight, does not fade and does not burn out with time. Ceilings with images can be mounted in damp premises.

On installation of the ceiling the applied dye is stretched together with the membrane, its cracking during the stretch is impossible. The bank of typical plots, applied on ceilings due to the FranArt technology is constantly replenished. Today it contains more than 300 typical images, capable to be put on up to 30 sq. m. area. Your own images are also acceptable on any electronic data travelers. For the full realization of the plotter opportunities, the optimal image should be:

  • Format: tiff, psd, eps
  • The original image size: >70/100 sm

Our skilled designers will make your image appropriate for printing, discuss your wishes, and your picture (a photo, a logo) will decorate your interior for years.

Some of the exaples can be viewed on the following page www.shutterstock.com ; www.fotolia.com

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