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Qualitative and continuous work of Fran Studio provides the best relationship with customers and partners.

Stretch ceilings

The entire assortment of available ceiling textures and colours is always available at the company’s storehouses, the whole technological process is supervised by experts who worked successfully with stretch ceilings for a long time. Each new hired employee passes a long way from unskilled worker to the installation technician, and then, making a next Fran Studio ceiling he understands the reasons of all technological processes, so the tasks for him become clear.

The equipment of ceiling manufacture conforms to all recent standards and regulations. High-tech machinery, cutting tables with antistatic covering, the microclimate maintenance systems in the manufacture premises - these are the factors which constitute the quality Fran Studio ceiling. Therefore ceiling producing is fulfilled in the shortest time. Thoroughly figured out packing allows a lost-free delivery of the ordered ceiling to the addressee, including winter.

We worked out a computer program for cutting Fran Studio ceilings and it allows to minimize the “human factor” whilst manufacturing ceilings. Wide-size plotters permit to apply any image over Fran Studio ceilings. All the dyes used in the production are health-friendly. Designs of tracks and harpoons developed by our engineers are fully compatible with all the systems of stretch ceiling installation known over the world. They are made of only high-quality PVC, ceiling manufacturers never use recycled materials and this is resulted in the highest quality.

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