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Wallpaper murals can be any kind of large high-resolution images that are printed on special paper intended to be glued on a certain surface – ceilings, walls, doors, cupboards.

Decorating walls with wallpaper murals is one of the easiest ways to make your home more appealing thanks to beautiful images that have a positive effect on you, lift your spirits and make your home look more edgy and modern.

Wallpaper murals can depict pets, flowers, city streets, abstract objects, patterns or family photos.

A wide selection of images.

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We can make everything in the necessary size.

product  Width/cm Price/m² photos

P134 Mellow


14,90 € 

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P137 Brush


14,90 €

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  • Horizontal straight-line connections on edges.
  • Distributing adhesive on the wall.
  • Using glue intended for vinyl wallpaper.
  • Good light-stability.
  • Fully removable.
  • Width of sheet: 130 cm.
  • Ecological.


  • Matching measurements of the wall and image.
  • A clean and dry surface.
  • Accuracy and attention when gluing connecting edges.
  • Proper care during the lifetime of the product.

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